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New Parent Orientation                               


Student Drop-in                                      

School Opens for MWF and M-F                

School Opens for T/TH Classes                 


Labor Day                                              



Thanksgiving Holidays                  (School closed M- F)


Christmas Holidays                   

(School closed for 2 weeks)

(No Extended Session – Dec 16)

(MDO closes at 11:30 – Dec. 16)


Trinity Re-opens                                          

Martin Luther King Holiday                (School closed)


Presidents’ Day                                (School closed)



Spring Vacation                                (School closed Monday – Friday)


Good Friday                                 

(School closed)


Last Day of School                     

(No Extended Session)

(MDO closes at 11:30)                                               

Friday, April 7

Friday, May 26

Trinity Methodist Preschool
2022-2023 CALENDAR

Wednesday, August 24

Monday, August 29

Thursday, August 25

Tuesday, August 30

Monday, September 5

November 21-25

December 19-January 2

Monday, January 3

Monday, February 20

Monday, January 16

March 20-24

Monday, January 17

March 2

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